Terms of Service

Please read these terms of service in entirety and carefully before you purchase any product from our store. By purchasing from our store you expressly imply that you are bound by the terms listed herein:

  1. Once you have downloaded the digital product, there is no way to return it. This means all payments made to us using any payment method are non-refundable. If you still try to open the dispute. You will not receive any updates and support from us for that product in the future.
  2. Our products are available for use immediately after your payment is complete. If you have any issue please contact us for support.
  3. We don’t allow reselling any of our products, please don’t do so to appreciate our work. We are forced to suspend your account if we detect that you are in violation.
  4. We don’t guarantee updates for any of your products, releasing new updates fully depends on the availability of the solution.
  5. We have rights to change these Terms or any additional terms that apply to API Codes without any prior notice.

Thank you for reading our terms. If you have any questions. Please visit our contact page.

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